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In order for the Organiser to minimise airborne delays, all aircraft are required to register and provide arrival/departure details.

All aircraft registered with the Organiser will receive a username and password to access our online Aircraft Operations Manual and forms. Included in the forms is the request for allocation of an arrival/departure time.

Any aircraft that has not registered with the Organiser will need to submit a Register of Interest through this website. Please click here to be redirected.

A grassed surface helipad (HLS), adjacent to the main entrance area, will provide landing, parking and takeoff areas for helicopters not larger than S76. Heavy helicopters will require access to an alternate HLS for which special arrangements will have to be completed before the event. Helicopter flight procedures will be included in the Airservices Australia AIPSUP document issued for the Event.

Aircraft taking part in the event should plan to arrive at Avalon from Saturday 7th March 2009.

On Arrival at Avalon, aircraft will be marshaled, parked and secured.

  • Airshow participants (static and flying displays) will be met and transported to the Aircrew Operations Complex. Services provided at the Aircrew Operations complex will include aircrew reception, security clearance, accreditation, hosting, main display briefings and basic flight planning facilities. At the Flight Planning Centre, aircrew may access Airservices Australia on-line pilot self-briefing and Bureau of Meteorology weather information. Although a fax facility will be available, it is recommended that pilots, where possible, make use of their own telephones for AVFAX products and flight plan submission (to ease conjestion in the Flight Planning Centre).
  • Day visitors will be met and transported to the main gate area for security clearance and entry.

Accreditation and admission will only be provided in accordance with prior agreement with the Organiser. Pilots flying in as day visitors and charter flights (including passengers) will need to purchase tickets for entry. Please visit the ticketing section of the website.

Departures will be permitted each day following completion of the daily Flying Display. On Sunday 15 March, priority each day will be given to departing aircraft below 25,000 kg MTOW to avoid delays resulting from the application of wake turbulence separation criteria.

For aircraft above 25,000 kg MTOW, most departures are expected on Monday 16th March 2009. Requested departure times may not be available as parking arrangements may influence the departure sequence. Cooperation in being prepared for allocated departure times will minimise the risk of delays for other participants.

Arrival and Departure Procedures are detailed in the AIPSUP (to be issued in January 2009).

Avalon East will be available for VFR operations from Tuesday 10 March to Sunday 15 March (daylight hours only).

Prior registration and allocation of an arrival/departure time is not required.

A free shuttle bus service will operate between Avalon East and the Airshow site between:

Tuesday to Thursday: 0900 and 1700 hours daily
Friday: 0900 and 1900 hours
Saturday and Sunday: 0800 and 1800 hours daily

Arrival and Departure Procedures are detailed in the AIPSUP (to be issued in January 2009).


Arrivals or departures from Avalon Main will not be permitted during Flying Display periods for other than Regular Public Transport (RPT) flights.

Except for RPT flights:

  • Arrivals will be restricted during the hour immediately following a scheduled Flying Display.
  • Departures will be restricted during the hour before a scheduled Flying Display.

Avalon flying displays will be at the following times:

Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th Mar 09: 1400-1630 hours daily (Trade Days)
Friday 13th Mar 09: 1500-2130 hours (Trade/Public Day)
Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th Mar 09: 0945-1615 hours daily (Public Days)

No arrival or departure restrictions apply at Avalon East.

However, on Saturday 14 March and Sunday 15 March aircraft arriving after 1600 hrs can expect delays due to departing aircraft traffic.

No runway lighting is available at Avalon East. All departures and arrivals must be completed in daylight hours.

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