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The owners of selected Special Interest Aircraft (antique, warbird, amateur-built, airsport and ultra-light) have been invited to attend Airshow 2009 as special guests.

Dedicated areas have been set aside to enable owners/operators of invited Special Interest Aircraft to present their aircraft on static display for inspection by the public.

All participating Special Interest Aircraft (except those specifically taking part in the flying displays) must arrive at Avalon no later than 1700 hrs on Thursday 12 March 2009 and remain until 1800 hrs on Sunday 15 March 2009.

The pilot and crew of invited Special Interest Aircraft are guests of the Airshow.

Each participating invited Special Interest Aircraft will receive:

  • Admission passes for pilot and crew (max 4 per aircraft)
  • Participant patches for pilot and crew (max 4 per aircraft)
  • Commemorative plaque
  • Participation in the Concours d’Elegance
  • Access to Club Airsport
  • Access to AirShows DownUnder Club
  • Free admission to Airshow Participants “Hangar Party” on Saturday night (maximum 2 per aircraft)
  • Access to the Sunday Airshow Party for pilot and crew (on a user pays basis)
  • Free Airshow campsite for pilot and crew at the Lara campsite (max 4 people per aircraft)

Club Airsport is available to Special Interest Invitees participating in the Airshow. This is an area where pilots and their crew can meet, relax and watch the Airshow.

Special Interest Aircraft will be parked in five designated static display areas. Four on grass and one hard standing (to cater for aircraft with special requirements e.g. jet aircraft, aircraft with high tyre pressures etc) Details of allocated parking areas will be advised after registration.

Special Interest Aircraft will be on static display at the Airshow for public inspection.

Aircraft will be fenced or barricaded with Airshow marshals patrolling static display areas when the event is open to the public. Uniformed security guards will provide an overnight patrol service. Owing to the substantial number of military and foreign aircraft that will be participating, enhanced security procedures will also be in place at Avalon during the event.

Participating invited Special Interest Aircraft crews will, on arrival at the Accreditation Centre, acquire special passes (max 4 per aircraft) providing free entry to the Airshow site during all Trade and Public Sessions from Tuesday 10 March 2009 to Sunday 15 March 2009.

(Note that to be eligible, participating Special Interest Aircraft must be on display from Friday 13 March to Sunday 15 March 2009)

All participating Special Interest Aircraft will be automatically entered in the Concours d’Elegance. Significant prizes are awarded in various categories.

Many superbly presented aircraft representing the wide spectrum of civil and military types will be on general display at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon.  As well as being on display to the public, these aircraft will compete with each other in Concours d’Elegance events for trophies and the honour of being judged “Best Aircraft in the Class”.  Winners will be announced at an awards event on Saturday night with the winning aircraft being exhibited for all to drool over on Sunday, the last day of the Airshow. 

All display aircraft will be judged according to their classification of type, role, and usage.  Military aircraft will be judged in four groups ranging from the latest fast combat jets, helicopters and propeller aircraft of all sizes, through to the heaviest transport aircraft.  The ultimate award for the military is the trophy for the best overall military aircraft to be presented by the Chief of Air Force.

For the Civil aircraft group, mostly smaller aircraft enter in a very strong competition with classes for General Aviation; Sport and Recreational aircraft; Warbirds and ex-military aircraft; Vintage aircraft and, finally, sailing quietly along, the very elegant Gliders.  Sponsors have generously donated excellent prizes for this competition.

All of the aircraft parked in the public display areas over the weekend will be eligible for entry in the Concours d’Elegance in their appropriate class. Judging will take place during the last days of the Airshow and winners will be notified late on Saturday.  Owners of civil aircraft that will be on public display and who wish to participate in the Civil Concours d’Elegance event should register by down loading the attached form and forwarding to Airshows DownUnder.

Download Concours d’Elegance Registration Form

Basic signage will be provided by ASDU that states the aircraft type, model, year of manufacture, specifications, history etc

Camping accommodation will be available in the nearby village of Lara, which is about a 10 minute drive from Avalon Airport. (Please note that overnight camping accommodation will not be available on the Avalon Airport site).

Free ground transportation (by a shuttle bus service) will be available between Avalon Airport and the Lara campsite.

The Airshow campsite is located within easy walking distance of the Lara railway station, which has regular train services to both Melbourne and Geelong. The campsite has convenient access to clubs, a hotel and food outlets within the Lara village.

Campsites will be complimentary to the crews of participating invited Special Interest Aircraft (up to a max of 4 people per aircraft)

If you have received an invitation to display your Special Interest Aircraft or if you operate a Special Interest Aircraft (antique, wardbird, amateur-built, airsport or ultralight) and would like to participate, you will need to complete a series of registration documents.

Please register your interest here.

If you have any queries or need assistance please contact Displays Administration
on +61 3 5282 0543.

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