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The following are the Event areas available to volunteers during the Airshow:

(Skills in the aviation sector may be required)
Aircraft Ground Operations oversee all aircraft ground operations and activities with regard to safety considerations, including aircraft taxiing, towing, refueling, engine starting, aircraft marshalling, barricading, general aircraft and crowd control safety and security.

(Skills in the aviation sector and/or pyrotechnics may be required)
Air Displays conducts and directs all aerial activity relating to flying displays and includes assisting with the development of the pyrotechnic and fireworks display activities in accordance with the Displays theme.

(Computer skills may be required)
The Airshow non-powered campsite is located in Lara.  This area includes administration, assisting with the campsite setup and ongoing assistance to campers.

(Customer service skills required)
In conjunction with the event we have a number of conferences and meetings over the six day period.  To facilitate this area we require a team of volunteers to assist with the setup each day, manage the room schedule, assist speakers and maintain facilities on a daily basis.

(Skills in the aviation sector and customer service sector may be required)

Aircrew Reception assists visiting Australian and Foreign military personnel, performers, commercial pilots and associations flying into the Airshow and facilitating their stay with transport, accommodation and general information.

Ground Displays provides the 3 Services of the ADF with the facilities and opportunity to showcase their latest hardware as ground displays, to highlight their career and personnel possibilities, and to demonstrate the various activities and attractions within the ADF Services.

Ground Displays also provides facilities and opportunities to the non-commercial display elements within the Airsport and General Aviation sector of the Airshow, comprising displays by aircraft owners/operators, recreational, sporting and general aviation organisations, aircraft associations, historical societies, aero clubs, community groups, government agencies, special interest aircraft and other non-profit organizations.

(Customer service skills required)
Volunteers in the Admission team are responsible for welcoming all visitors to the event and checking tickets and special passes at the entrance gate.  Main qualities required are customer service skills and a friendly personality.

(Skills in customer service and/or hospitality may be required)
Event Personnel manages the Event Personnel Accreditation Office, ASDU Club (staff & volunteers meals area), Corporate Reception area (greet and assist general public with enquiries) and the Uniform Collection Office.

(Current driver’s licence required)
Event Transport provides transportation for Aircrew participants, volunteers (between the Airshow site and campsite) and members of the public (to and from the Jetstar Terminal and the campsite).   

Availability of 7 days or more would be an advantage.

(Skills in customer service, event operations and/or hospitality may be required)
Exhibition Operations manages the operations and setup of all “Exhibition” areas including the Expo Halls, External Expo areas (Exhibitors Aircraft displays and Land Systems displays in the Expo Precinct), Flyers Market, Taxiway Alpha exhibitor aircraft displays and the Corporate Reception Chalets. Corporate Reception Chalet operations includes hosting and supporting clients during the entire event period.

Exhibition Operations is also responsible for the setup and fit-out of the Conference Centre and is tasked with Site Decoration from the Main entry right through the Expo Precinct to the Flight Line.

(Skills in the aviation flight sector required)
Flight Operations manage the Aircraft Communications Unit, Aircraft movements Office, Airside Safety Unit and the Pilot Flight Planning Centre.

• Aircraft Communications Unit
Provides a certified air/ground radio service to all aircraft arriving or departing Avalon when Air Traffic Control is not on duty.  It also provides ground movement control service to aircraft and vehicle movements on the airside movement areas of the aerodrome. The unit also coordinates all airborne activities during flying display periods.

• Aircraft Movements Office
Coordinates the daily flying program information, input and changes and flying display program liaison within the Flight Operations Units.

• Airside Safety Unit
Provides a base from which ASDU may direct an airside safety officer service including airside escort at Avalon.

• Pilot Flight Planning Centre
Provides visiting pilots, aircrew and participants with a range of operational facilities including flight planning and flight plan submissions as well as Airshow departure procedures briefing.

(Skills in customer service, event operations and/or hospitality may be required)
The Gold Pass is an area which allows only patrons who hold a gold pass ticket into the enclosure and it offers reserved grandstand seating and private facilities.   Volunteers are needed in the reception entrance area, operations, customer service, show bag distribution, ushers and villa management.

(Skills in Media and/or Public Relations may be required)
The Media Department manages the media centre and assists visiting media personnel along with the transportation of media around the Airshow site and media hosting.

(Skills in customer service required)
Public Services manage the Disabled, Senior Citizens, Lost Children and Nursing Mothers facilities, the Public Information Centres around the Airshow site, mobile information personnel and the Call Centre.

(Current driver’s licence may be required)
The Protocol Team is responsible for the transport and escorting of selected VIP guests of the Airshow.

(Skills in Risk and Security Management, Emergency Services and/or Armed Forces sector required)

TRAFFIC & TRANSPORT - Car Parking and Traffic Management
Duties include managing car parking in the reserved and general public parking areas.

As you can see a wide range of positions will be available!

When stating your preferences, please ensure you think about your areas of expertise and your interests, and how they can make a fantastic contribution to a specific area.

To register, please click here.

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